A classic platform game, but in addition to controlling the character you also have to place the platforms. Too bad you're too dumb to put more than one at a time.

At the beginning of each phase you need to choose the order of the platforms you will use, then press Start and try to reach the portal. Press "R" to reset the choice of platforms.


W,A,S - Move the character

Space - Jump

Mouse Button - Place the platform

R - Restart the platform selection

Made withUnity


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great idea and great work ,, but it's a bit hard 

yah. the short time of the platform is turning a puzzle game to dexterity game where just must jump before placing platform and jump right away to the next location ._. (was the platform only lasting Only One second?!) 

A little review:


1-Great Idea! Love the way you used the theme!

2-Great control

3-Really cool level-design


1-Not so great visual (but since its a jam its okay)

2- The time for the platform to disapear is to short... maybe making it a little longer would be cool.

All in all, it's a great game!